Our Habitat
We came to appreciate that renewing Basswood’s forest and fields would be a rewarding experience for us and provide lasting benefits to the habitat. Over several years, and in concert with foresters, biologists and wildlife experts, we invested these efforts into the lands of Basswood:

  • Developed a plan to renew key woodlands with emphasis on removing old trees and growing an understory. The property has received an 480-a Forestry tax exemption from NYS.
  • Cleared nearly 3 miles of hiking trails for human enjoyment and animal throughway.
  • Considerable effort was spent in removing vines that threaten trees and in lessening invasive plants (especially Japanese barberry, burning bush, honeysuckle) that can consume woodlands and harbor pests.
  • Restored the 3-acre pond, removing decades of silt and bringing back to the pond a wider array of wildlife.
  • Thoughtfully introduced native flowers and trees into the environment that have enhanced the variety of insects and birds that live and visit here.
  • Planted wildflowers in the fields that will continue to expand over time, providing a color show from spring to fall.
  • Received certification from the National Wildlife Federation that Basswood is in accordance with their guidelines to support wildlife habitats so that they flourish.

And flourish they have. Now is the time to enjoy all that Basswood’s nature has to offer!

Basswood is the property of Kinetic Developments LLC 

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